Odone Marmi

Naval Furniture


For years we have been specialized in manufacturing for the naval sector, an expertise that has evolved over time, with key skills and cutting-edge technologies to provide the best result to customers.


The process begins with the material selection, the slab control to analyse the quality, and the reliefs on site, with precision measurements of all the involved environments, using specific measuring instruments.


Then follows a well-defined technological process; through a laser scanner, the material is photographed in detail. The file arrives directly at our technical office which in this way is able to inspect the slab to the millimeter and create the nesting, making the most of all the potential of the material. Subsequently, the mathematics for the cutting operations are set, thus starting with the production, and then moving on to the finishing and laying part, taking care of all the details.


In addition, especially for the naval sector, we pay great attention to the lightened marble processing, a solution that helps to overcome the weight limit associated with natural materials, thanks to a supportive honeycomb panel, which allows to reduce the thickness of the stone, up to 4/5 millimeters.

Every single process phase is followed directly by our specialized team.
Some of our creations