Odone Angelo

Our company operates since 1950 in the sector of natural stones. Thanks to our over ten-year experience, it's nowadays a point of reference for qualified traders in the building sector. Our production is mainly specialized in projects and realisation of urban and interior designs, walls facing, solid wood manufacturing, floors and manufactured products in general.

Odone Srl is a privately owned business that together with a group of expert and high qualified freelances works with passion and dedication to improve day

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In evidenza

The Design & Technology exhibition aims to highlight the technological excellence, processing capacity and creativity of the Italian natural stone industry. As the heir to an ancient marble working tradition, Italy still ranks as a major home to extraordinary potential capable of merging design, technology and processing skills. New computer-controlled engineering systems and digital design today define a new frontier for this ancient material, thereby opening up new ways for designing and working natural stone. Knowledge and awareness

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In creating the materials to be used for both street and interior furnishings, Odone Angelo pays exceptionally close attention to the planning and design process. To this end, the company has set up Odone Design Lab, an in-house department perched consistently on the leading edge thanks to its on-going commitment to research and study and the innovative processes and solutions thus developed and adopted. Odone Angelo’s commitment and passion for design do not stop here, however. Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of Italian uni

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